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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aastik in 9th Month: Part II (28th August 2011 - 28th September 2012)

Aastik made his 1st visit to Metro Walk on 17th Sep 2011, when he was about 8.5 months old. Interestingly, last time my baby visited Metro Walk when he was 8.5 months old inside me.

My baby is eating less these days may be because of teething irritation. I have tried making different things for him but he spits almost everything out. All, he likes eating is brown bread and a little milk.

Aastik is not well these days suffering from runny nose, cough and fever. This might be because of teething or from his cousin sisters, who are suffering from viral fever. He is crankier and doesn’t stops crying. I have to take him out in pram to pacify him. One night, his Dadu took him and me for a drive just to make him sleep.

My small wonder wants freedom now and loves crawling on floor but I don’t leave him on floor much because he is suffering from cold. He also loves standing at the back of the bed and pulling our photos. He loves doing masti at night when he sees everyone around. Seeing his Dadu climbing stairs at night, he starts crying to go in his lap. I must say, Dadu is his favorite these days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aastik in 9th Month: Part I (28th August 2011 - 28th September 2012)

God knows what is happening with Aastik these days... He keeps on shouting and yelling all time! His Dadi says that he is practicing to talk but I know he is practicing to make me deaf with his loud shouting and shrills.

The good news this month is that my baby has showed up his 1st right side tooth at the lower jaw the day he returned from his Nani house. Perhaps, this is the gift he got from his Nani house that even his Nani didn’t notice. It was a great moment for me to see my baby’s 1st tooth showing up as a point.

Aastik is getting naughtier day by day and doesn’t leave me for a second. He runs in walker following me in the kitchen, drawing room and bedroom. My chipkoo baby irritates me a lot these days with his changed behavior but I understand he is facing stranger anxiety, as his doctor said. This month, my baby got vaccinated with the 1st dose of Influenza vaccine.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aastik in 8th Month: Part II (28th July 2011 - 28th August 2012)

Just before he was about to turn 8 months, my small wonder took his 1st baby steps holding the bed for support. It was a great feeling to see Aastik walking so cutely without my support. His Nanu also gifted him a walker to appreciate his newly found ability to walk!

Aastik spent some days at his Nani House this month and it was not easy for me to settle him there for first 2 days, as he used to cry seeing everyone except me. He has a great stranger anxiety but on the 3rd day, he became familiar with his new surroundings.

My baby sticks to me like glue everytime and doesn’t leaves me the moment I’m in his reach. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it is so irritating.

I took the second chance to take him for a movie in a hall with his Nanu and Nani and not his Papa dear. My GOD! It was a mistake and I will never forget the “JOKER” he made me in the hall seeing “JOKER”. I missed half of the movie because he cried hearing loud noise in the hall. I swear I will never see a movie in hall until he is 1.5 years or 2 years!