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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 1Month: (28th December 2011 - 28th January 2013)

Now, that my baby has turned into a toddler, he decided to give me the best gift in the New Year 2013 by starting walking on his own from January 1st, 2013. I felt so nice to see my lappy baby, who used to lie in my lap now standing and walking towards me like a baby penguin.

Aastik is on his mischievous best these days and opens up all the drawers and cupboards where I forget to put a lock. He throws away all the things he can catch hold off and seems to be on a task taught by his dad to give Mumma a good exercise regime by throwing everything anywhere.

My little toddler is getting brainy too these days and tries to observe and repeat things he see often. He can now do head down in prayer and yes, his Dadu taught him one-two exercise. Aastik shouts a lot in anger, when we don’t listen to him and also trying his best to talk now. His favorite words are “bebe—baba—pi-pi-mumma-pepe and gra-gra”.

He looks so sweet doing the chatkara when he is happy or likes eating something. My 6 teeth beauty now has his 4 teeth in front of the upper jaw and two lower front teeth. He got vaccinated for the 1st Dose of Hep. A this month and didn’t cry much. Naughty Aastik also do bhap and beats me and objects around him whenever he feels like. At the end of this 13th month my baby has caught cold, cough and also fever. Let’s see how he progresses the next month.