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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aastik in 1st Month: Part II (28th Dec 2011 - 28th Jan 2012)

Finally, after many days of searching a good name for my baby, I came across a very good name with a very good meaning, “Aastik”, one who believes in God! Though, his father found the name okay okay, I wished to keep this name for him and he finally agreed!

I never imagined that a small baby of just 15 – 20 days can push with hands! My prince does so; it shows he has powerful hands for his protection. But, poor little baby pushes his mumma too while feeding!

I cried thrice in this month seeing him awake at nights and keeping me awake too. If he gets ups at 1a.m at night, he will not sleep before 3a.m. It means mumma and baby will talk or play for 2 hours. He keeps me busy in these 2 hours at a stretch in nappy changing, feeding and soothing him when he cries! This 2 hours awaking goes for at least twice and sometimes thrice in the whole night!

Last but not the least thing that I observed in Aastik in the first month is that he is his own boss! Elaborately speaking, no one can make him sleep when he is awake and no one can awake him when he is sleeping, unless he wishes it himself! He sleeps as per his will and wakes up at his own will!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aastik in 1st Month: Part I (28th Dec 2011 - 28th Jan 2012)

At last my, wait is over and I have my baby in my hands! After getting discharged on the 3rd day of my baby’s arrival, I am back at home and the first night was just horrible with the baby getting cranky almost whole night! Me and his Papa couldn’t sleep well whole night!

Next day (4th day), his father noticed symptoms of jaundice on our baby and we got worried! We took him to the child specialist and got his jaundice checked. He was found to suffer from jaundice but nothing was worth worrying, as it was normal and not at a high level. Doctor asked us to take him in indirect sunshine for few days and he will be fine!

I thought not to give him top feed but had to give him in just 4 days because he cries non-stop with hunger! Mamu got his Nan Pro One Formula Milk and the moment he drinks it, he turns Keshto Mukherjee with his eyes getting at the corners! I doubt, whether his mamu mixed some brandy in this milk that he sleeps getting dizzy the moment he gets the top feed!

Though, he remains serious most of the times, my little one looks oh so adorable when he smiles while sleeping. I never saw a new born baby looking at lights, as he does. One thing that makes me worry for him during these initial days of his life is his sneezing in this cold weather. I pray he has not got cold!

Me and his nani found one thing very strange in his 1st month that after every bottle feed he does potty. Moreover, the bottle doesn’t gets empty and he has he spoils his nappy. More than me, his nani gets worried when he does this dirty job!

Will share more about my baby's progress in 1st month in Part II...