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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part I (28th June 2011 - 28th July 2012)

As soon as my baby turned 6 months old, he surprised me by sitting on his own. My happiness was beyond the limitJ  He enjoyed sitting on his own and falling and rolling down on the bed. Amazing thing is that he also started crawling a few steps at the same time.

Now, Aastik comes crawling to me somehow falling and rolling when I stand at one corner of the bed and calls him with my open arms. It is a wonderful feeling that my little wonder is attached to me so much that he does whatever he can do to come in my arms.

This month, Aastik got his 3rd dose of DPT vaccination along with Heb III and HIB III. My baby is suffering from pain and is now letting me go away. I sat 4 hours taking him in my lap the day he got vaccinated. His doctor also informed us that he is in a procedure to bring out his lower two front teeth, which can be a painful procedure for him, so be careful!

In his 6th month, he got to celebrate many parties. He also visited a Five Star Hotel for the 1st time in his life– Hilton Hotel in Janakpuri. My baby showed full mannerism there without irritating us or crying there. He also attended the 1st family function this month and got the deserved attention from all the relatives.