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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 4 Months: (28th March – 28th April 2013)

My smart kid is getting smarter as he is about to turn 1.5 years. He knows how to play “Chidiya Udh Game”. Aastik has also learnt to show his eyes by winking them in a naughty way, when I ask him where his eyes are.

Aastik loves playing with balls and knows how to play hide and seek behind the curtain on at the bed side by hiding down. Remote controls, cell phones, pressure cookers, utensils and balls are his all time favorites these days. When I say hello to him, he also shakes hand and takes his hand to his ear, as if attending a phone call.

The most exciting thing that happened to Aastik in the16th Month is that he got bald. I mean we did his mundan this month on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi on April 13th, 2013. Thanks to Frooti that my baby didn’t cry when his mundane was going on.

Aastik is now ready to climb up the bed and he tries a lot to do so these days. In fact, one day he climbed up the bed with the help of a stool kept nearby and I was shocked to see his mischief. He loves regulating the fan and switching on the switches on the switchboard and that keeps me very worried all the time…

He got vaccinated with MMR vaccine this month and as usual cried for a second and then ran like nothing happened to him – My Brave Little Boy… But this brave boy gets scared of crows and I use this scare often to make him sleep at noon. On the other hand, he loves dogs and tries to touch them when I take him for a stroll.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 3 Months (28th February - 28th March 2013)

15th month was a mix package for Aastik, as he enjoyed this month a stay at his Nani’s house but fell sick there with stomach infection. He was not allowed to have milk for 2 days and my baby couldn’t sleep well all night and shouted like hell. Even the neighbors asked what happened to the little baby.

Aastik impressed everyone with his dance skills on any beat he hears, be it music of Reyansh’s cry. My baby is fond of going out and the moment he hears a door bell, he just jumps off to the door to slip out because his Nani house is on ground floor. Moreover, I took him to park daily in the morning and evening, so he got used to go out.

When his stomach infection got over, he enjoyed with his Kinju Di and Reyansh Bhai. The moment he arrived back to Dadi’s house, he got eye infection. Now, by God’s grace my toddler is fine.

Aastik enjoyed playing holi with his both cousin sisters and loves clapping in water bucket. I had to grab him forcefully to stop the water play and he cried a lot.

My little wonder smiles brightly with his 8 teeth with 4 in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw. This cute little angry young toddler knows how to express his anger by banging things, shouting and beating his hands wherever he could.