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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aastik in 5th Month: Part II (28th Apr 2011 - 28th May 2012)

Few interesting changes that he showed in the first half of his fifth month were that he started turning straight while lying on his tummy, though seldom! Moreover, he has started crawling like army men by holding his hips high and pushing himself forward! He looks so funny when he does so.

His Nani warned me to pay more extra attention towards him as he may fall down from the bed by crawling like this. This month, I celebrated my first birthday as Aastik’s mother with my cute son! In short, I turned one this year!!!

Aastik is seeking more attention this month and gets cranky and bored if not entertained in some or the other way! He also got vaccinated with 2nd Doses of (Rotavirus vaccination and IPV) this month and his doctor has asked us to start semi-solids for him like Glucose Biscuits dissolved in milk.

Since, he loves sleeping on his tummy or on his sides, we have packed his cot as he cries sleeping in it! I must say, Aastik sleeps just like his Papa dear holding a pillow under his arm.

The best progress I found in Aastik this month is that he has started recognizing his name and turns around when we call him. It’s just so lovely to see my son growing up in front of my eyes in such a cute way.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aastik in 5th Month: Part I (28th Apr 2011 - 28th May 2012)

Showering his toothless smile every now and then, my sweet little Aastik is growing day by day and I am loving it! In the fifth month, he got senior, as his cousin has arrived. His mama has been blessed with a baby boy. In short, he has a new little cousinbrother to play with, who is just 4 months younger than him!

He and me made a visit to his Nani house to welcome the newly born and he looked big in comparison to the little Reyaansh. When I held Rey in my hands, I wondered has my Aastik turned lighter in weight! But, truly the newly born Reyaansh reminded of Aastik’s newly born days.

At his Nani’s house, Aastik was his elder cousin sister Kinjal’s favorite, who used to entertain her with her fairy dance by all dressed up as a little fairy. He too used to enjoy it to the fullest and giggled and smiled seeing her doing so. On the other hand, he showed that Nani is his favorite by always smiling seeing her around. This in fact, made his Nanu jealous that he’s teasing his wifey!

At the same time, Aastik was bit difficult to handle at his Nani’s house, may be due to change of place and faces around him. He in fact, made me cry one day and I thought, I was better at my own place!