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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aastik in 8th Month: Part I (28th July 2011 - 28th August 2012)

Aastik celebrated his first Rakhi festival this month and his three sisters tied Rakhi to him for the very first time. Kinju, Geet and Hridya were all excited to tie their little brother rakhi for the first time in their lives. As Aastik stepped in eighth month of his life, his festival started on with Janmashtami next on the roll.

My Ladoo Gopal enjoyed dressing up as Lord Krishna in his childhood time. The only difference was that Krishna played the flute and my baby started licking and eating it! Aastik has stopped drinking milk that often this month and as per doctor it is also normal for his age, as his growth will slow down a bit now and so will his appetite.

Aastik is getting crankier these days due to stranger anxiety, which is normal as per the doctor. But, it is bit irritating whenever I leave him alone or he comes in contact with someone new, he cries. Since, his Papa picks him up as soon as he cries, Aastik now cries seeing his father, because he knows he will pick him up!

Aastik admired seeing his papa flying kites on his 1st Independence Day. Next year, he will be saying papa I too wana fly a kit…By baby watched his 1st movie in cinema this month on 16th August and it was “EK THA TIGER” and it was a good experience with him. In the 1st half he sticked to his papa like glue due to fear of darkness and loud voice…But, in 2nd half he was comfortable.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aastik in 7th Month: Part II (28th June 2011 - 28th July 2012)

It was my best day when my baby called me “Mumma” for the first time on 14th July 2012. His papa was naturally jealous that Aastik called mumma and not papa first. I actually won the bet that I and his papa made that if Aastik will call “Mumma” first then I will buy Ladoosssss for his papa and vice versa. Now, it’s my time to make his papa dearest eat lots of Ladooos because I won the bet! J

My champ feels so happy to see me around and the moment I sit or lie around him, he comes crawling to me and climbs up me with full excitement. I am really cherishing these days and I know these days of Aastik’s childhood will never come back again! So, I am actually trying to enjoy each and every moment of his naughty childhood! Perhaps, this is the reason for me to start this blog!

My heart went out when Aastik fell off bed for the first time on 8th July 2012, when I was in kitchen. Thank God! No major injury occurred but he cried a lot with a little bump on his forehead. From that day onwards, I never leave him on bed unattended. I make sure to place him safely in his pram, no matter if he cries but my baby will not fall for good!

My prince shocked me by standing on his feet for the first time, as he turned six and a half months old this month. I captured the picture quickly in my camera to record this great development milestone of my beloved son.

Aastik now loves touching my face when I am with him and he smiles in a naughty way. His Papa dear spends terrible nights, as he loves his Papa more at night by slipping towards him and giving me 75% of the bed. He loves sticking to his Papa at night and I really laugh to see both of them sleeping on the 25% portion of the bed!