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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 6 Months: (28th May – 28th June 2013)

Yippie…. My toddler has turned 1.5 years now. It feels great to see this little bundle of joy that remained in my hands or in lap now making me running all around the house. He keeps roaming from one place to another or let me say he can’t stay at one place now, as he is always in search of mischief.

Aastik is again on dentation these days and is suffering from loose motion and fever on and off. He got vaccinated with 2nd dose of Hep A this month and my baby was so brave to shut the doctor’s door after entering in his cabin.

He keeps on shouting all day long or crying for no reason, in short, he is becoming a fussy toddler. He wakes up in middle of the night to show his parents stars and also takes us to park at 5.30 am sharp by crying non stop. This month, he made his Nani mad by his mischief during a stay and loved throwing all the spoons and things from the kitchen.

At home too, Aastik is on top of his mischief in the kitchen and once even got hot boiled milk spilled on him, thank God; I was around and saved him from burning himself. In room too, I can’t leave him alone for a second, else some mischief will be on my way by my dear son to welcome me.

He bites, me pinches me and does all the experiments he likes with me…Another interesting thing that I have found in Aastik these days is that he is very possessive for me and feels jealous the moment, I love any other child or toy or even if someone come closer to me. He comes running to me and pushes that person away in jealousy. The only problem with him these days is that he doesn’t eats much and has lost a lot of weight.