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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part III (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

Yeah!!! Aastik turns 1 year today. It seems that only yesterday that he was given to me in my lap with his tiny hands and feet. Now, the naughty baby has turned one. I can easily recount how the whole year was growing him and also growing with him as a mother. He used to sleep for 2 hours and then wake up for 2 hours alternatively whole day. Now, the brat sleeps only twice a day.

We celebrated Aastik’s 1st birthday at Comesum Family Lounge with our family and his Nanu dear’s family. This 1 year old boy has got his 1st car on his 1st birthday. His Nanu gifted him a stylish blue battery operated car on his 1st birthday and Aastik really loved it.

My little prince wore a red fur coat and a matching cap on his very 1st birthday. The venue was all decorated with white and pink balloons. We chose a cake in the form of “1” to represent his 1st birthday. The only problem we faced was that the birthday boy was feeling sleeping and didn’t enjoyed much and went cranky during the birthday celebration.

The funniest thing was that the naughty boy was in full mood to celebrate his 1st birthday as we reached home and slept as late as 1:30am in the night. That time, felt like giving a good birthday bump for not being a sport during his birthday celebration and being in full enjoyable mood at home late night, when we wanted to sleep.

I now imagine, how he will be like on his 2nd birthday. I guess, I must by running after him and he might be set to go to a playschool and on the top of it, he will be more notorious. I pray to God to give my dearest son good health, prosperity and the best of life and yes, I also pray to God to give me more stamina to bear his naughtiness in the coming years of his toddlerhood.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part II (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

Aastik looks lovely when he stands without support and does sit ups while clapping his hands these days. He also loves dancing without support standing and smiling in his own way. I will never forget these days when he is showing such cute signs of independence to stand and walk.

My little baby surprised me by walking on bed without support and coming to me on 15th Dec 2012 for the very first time. It was a precious moment for me and I captured it in my camera and of course in my eyes and heart forever. The same day he fell down twice from bed in an eagerness to walk. I need to be extra cautious for him now, as his Dadi told me!

My baby’s 5th tooth and finally the main front upper jaw tooth is coming and on his 1st birthday he impressed everyone with his 5 teeth smile. Aastik is now showing his interest in learning and catching things now. He knows how to do “Jai-Jai”, Bye-Bye”, ”Hello”, “Clap”, ”Dance”, ”What a Ball is”, ”Where is fan?”, ”Where is his head?”. My baby also loves to dance on the train’s voice when it passes behind our balcony.

I never saw a 1 year old baby trying to fall from a walker or jumping with walker. Now, I see him doing so in his walker, I used to be carefree setting him in his walker earlier but now, it is the most risky thing I do, as he bends completely down to pick things and is on the verge of falling from the walker many times. In anger, when I don’t listen to him, he holds his walker and bangs it by jumping with it.

Just 3 days before his 1st birthday, my baby celebrated his last 1st festival, i.e., Christmas. I made him wear a red and white dress that I bought especially for him for Christmas.

I have so much to share and pen down about Aastik’s 12th month, so, I’ll be writing Part 3 this time…

Friday, December 14, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part I (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

My little baby has finally entered in his birthday month for the 1st time. He loves kissing and loving himself in the mirror these days, as if congratulating on soon to be turning one. I must admit that Aastik has very sharp eyes that he picks even the smallest particle from the floor and tries to gulp in mouth.

Walking fast around the bed has become Aastik’s all time favorite hobby these days. Thank God! With this he is also giving me a clue that Mumma I am gonna walk without support very soon and you will have to catch me and run after me.

My shona baby loves eating Maggi and all the spicy food that his mother loves to eat. The best blunder or I must say milestone for the 12th month is that Aastik has learnt to get down from bed these days on his own. His nani gave him instructions on how to get down from bed when he was at his Nani’s house last week and he picked it up so quickly. Now, I can leave him alone in room on floor for 1-2 minutes, so in a way he has eased me a bit.

Aastik is also doing a very funny thing these days and that is he makes Chinese eyes and smiles sweetly when he is happy. He made his dadi wondered one day by going out to balcony walking in walker and coming in from drawing room and then again going out from dadi’s room. He laughed a lot on this round a round game in his walker.

I have also taught him to give and take things on instructions and many times he does so. He has started catching instructions on repeated orders now. He tells where is his head and where is the fan by or by touching the head or by seeing at the ceiling. He also loves playing with ball with his cousin sisters and of course me.

The worst thing in his 12th month is that Aastik wakes up at least 4 times in the night due to hunger, as he doesn’t eat much these days. His 4th tooth is also coming and may be due to dentation, he is doing so. He sweats a lot while sleeping and drinking milk and doctor says it is normal.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Aastik in 11th Month: Part II (28th October 2011 - 28th November 2012)

My baby claps when he is happy but the sad thing is that he doesn’t claps when we tell him to clap, this shows, he will have his own will!!! He also shows me where is fan by looking up towards the ceiling when I ask him, “Aastik where is fan?”

In the latter part of his 11th month, Aastik made a stay visit to his Nani house with Mumma of course. The 1st four days were terrible, as he didn’t leave me for a second, not even for bathing. At the end of 4th day, he started to mix up with his favorite Mamu and everyone out there.

Like always, Aastik is getting naughtier, at his Nani’s house he started getting down from the bed too. Moreover, his Nani taught him how to get down from bed. My God!!! He doesn’t know how to walk properly and he is set to get down from bed!

Aastik is showing signs of walking in a few days, as he tries to stand without support for few seconds. In the company of his Kinju didi, he has started shouting and showing anger. None can snatch anything from him, such is his power. He loves dancing too especially when a loud song is on. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Aastik in 11th Month: Part I (28th October 2011 - 28th November 2012)

As my little baby is approaching his 1st birthday, he is getting naughtier. He simply loves throwing things on floor again and again. Usually, boys are mumma’s boys but my baby is papa’s boy, as the moment he sees his papa, he cries to cling to him.

Aastik has finally learned to clap after so many days of efforts. He loves dancing too and recently danced on the DJ floor for the 1st time in a wedding. My cutie pie is suffering from cold and cough due to change of weather and also bit irritated due to dentation of his upper jaw teeth.

This month Aastik got vaccinated for Measles. In the 11th month, Aastik celebrated his 1st Diwali with family and I was afraid to see his crying hearing the cracker noises but by braved it all happily. In fact, he loved watching the sparkling phuljaris and chakris.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aastik in 10th Month: Part II (28th September 2011 - 28th October 2012)

Aastik celebrated his Papa’s 1st birthday this month and his Papa was happy to have an adorable son like Aastik on this birthday. Aastik is showing his second tooth next to the 1st one in the lower jaw.

My baby wakes up at a minor sound in the room and this is a problem for me these days, as all my labor in making him sleep gets wasted with a single sound in the room! He loves doing hands up when in a joyous mood in the later half of his 10th month.

Another naughty thing that he has started doing these days is climbing and sitting on the basket I keep around him on the bed for protection. The moment I scold him, he teases me laughing or smiling at me in a very naughty manner! I forget all for anger seeing his cute smile!

Aastik celebrated his 2nd Kanjak this month and loved seeing so many didis… He also went to Jhandewalan Temple for the 1st time in Navratras and his Nanu dear enjoyed clicking his cute pix there with all the tika on his forehead, cheeks and nose. My baby is a budding dancer and assures to be a great dancer like his Dad. The moment he hears a dancing tune, he starts dancing with hands up and moving up and down.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aastik in 10th Month: Part I (28th September 2011 - 28th October 2012)

My little Aastik is growing day by day and wants freedom to move and crawl around. But, due to teething, he is not eating well and appearing weaker to me. Since, my baby is not eating well; therefore he is suffering from constipation.

He wants many night feedings and comes calling to me “Mumma, Mumma…” and I just love it despite of the fact that I feel so sleepy and disturbed that time. My baby fell off the bed for the 3rd time on 13th Oct in my and his Dad’s presence; such is his naughtiness these days!

Aastik looks so cute in one fountain pony on head that I have started making to keep his growing hair in place. To avoid cough and cold in this changing weather, we have started giving a drop on Brandy twice a week and he loves it J and goes even naughtier after sipping it.

My small wonder got vaccinated with second dose of Influenza vaccine this month. Aastik loves throwing things on the floor these days and laughs when I pick then up and he throws again! He has now got a habit of sleeping sticking to me and wakes up the moment I wake up! He is acting like a magnet to me!!! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aastik in 9th Month: Part II (28th August 2011 - 28th September 2012)

Aastik made his 1st visit to Metro Walk on 17th Sep 2011, when he was about 8.5 months old. Interestingly, last time my baby visited Metro Walk when he was 8.5 months old inside me.

My baby is eating less these days may be because of teething irritation. I have tried making different things for him but he spits almost everything out. All, he likes eating is brown bread and a little milk.

Aastik is not well these days suffering from runny nose, cough and fever. This might be because of teething or from his cousin sisters, who are suffering from viral fever. He is crankier and doesn’t stops crying. I have to take him out in pram to pacify him. One night, his Dadu took him and me for a drive just to make him sleep.

My small wonder wants freedom now and loves crawling on floor but I don’t leave him on floor much because he is suffering from cold. He also loves standing at the back of the bed and pulling our photos. He loves doing masti at night when he sees everyone around. Seeing his Dadu climbing stairs at night, he starts crying to go in his lap. I must say, Dadu is his favorite these days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aastik in 9th Month: Part I (28th August 2011 - 28th September 2012)

God knows what is happening with Aastik these days... He keeps on shouting and yelling all time! His Dadi says that he is practicing to talk but I know he is practicing to make me deaf with his loud shouting and shrills.

The good news this month is that my baby has showed up his 1st right side tooth at the lower jaw the day he returned from his Nani house. Perhaps, this is the gift he got from his Nani house that even his Nani didn’t notice. It was a great moment for me to see my baby’s 1st tooth showing up as a point.

Aastik is getting naughtier day by day and doesn’t leave me for a second. He runs in walker following me in the kitchen, drawing room and bedroom. My chipkoo baby irritates me a lot these days with his changed behavior but I understand he is facing stranger anxiety, as his doctor said. This month, my baby got vaccinated with the 1st dose of Influenza vaccine.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aastik in 8th Month: Part II (28th July 2011 - 28th August 2012)

Just before he was about to turn 8 months, my small wonder took his 1st baby steps holding the bed for support. It was a great feeling to see Aastik walking so cutely without my support. His Nanu also gifted him a walker to appreciate his newly found ability to walk!

Aastik spent some days at his Nani House this month and it was not easy for me to settle him there for first 2 days, as he used to cry seeing everyone except me. He has a great stranger anxiety but on the 3rd day, he became familiar with his new surroundings.

My baby sticks to me like glue everytime and doesn’t leaves me the moment I’m in his reach. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it is so irritating.

I took the second chance to take him for a movie in a hall with his Nanu and Nani and not his Papa dear. My GOD! It was a mistake and I will never forget the “JOKER” he made me in the hall seeing “JOKER”. I missed half of the movie because he cried hearing loud noise in the hall. I swear I will never see a movie in hall until he is 1.5 years or 2 years!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aastik in 8th Month: Part I (28th July 2011 - 28th August 2012)

Aastik celebrated his first Rakhi festival this month and his three sisters tied Rakhi to him for the very first time. Kinju, Geet and Hridya were all excited to tie their little brother rakhi for the first time in their lives. As Aastik stepped in eighth month of his life, his festival started on with Janmashtami next on the roll.

My Ladoo Gopal enjoyed dressing up as Lord Krishna in his childhood time. The only difference was that Krishna played the flute and my baby started licking and eating it! Aastik has stopped drinking milk that often this month and as per doctor it is also normal for his age, as his growth will slow down a bit now and so will his appetite.

Aastik is getting crankier these days due to stranger anxiety, which is normal as per the doctor. But, it is bit irritating whenever I leave him alone or he comes in contact with someone new, he cries. Since, his Papa picks him up as soon as he cries, Aastik now cries seeing his father, because he knows he will pick him up!

Aastik admired seeing his papa flying kites on his 1st Independence Day. Next year, he will be saying papa I too wana fly a kit…By baby watched his 1st movie in cinema this month on 16th August and it was “EK THA TIGER” and it was a good experience with him. In the 1st half he sticked to his papa like glue due to fear of darkness and loud voice…But, in 2nd half he was comfortable.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aastik in 7th Month: Part II (28th June 2011 - 28th July 2012)

It was my best day when my baby called me “Mumma” for the first time on 14th July 2012. His papa was naturally jealous that Aastik called mumma and not papa first. I actually won the bet that I and his papa made that if Aastik will call “Mumma” first then I will buy Ladoosssss for his papa and vice versa. Now, it’s my time to make his papa dearest eat lots of Ladooos because I won the bet! J

My champ feels so happy to see me around and the moment I sit or lie around him, he comes crawling to me and climbs up me with full excitement. I am really cherishing these days and I know these days of Aastik’s childhood will never come back again! So, I am actually trying to enjoy each and every moment of his naughty childhood! Perhaps, this is the reason for me to start this blog!

My heart went out when Aastik fell off bed for the first time on 8th July 2012, when I was in kitchen. Thank God! No major injury occurred but he cried a lot with a little bump on his forehead. From that day onwards, I never leave him on bed unattended. I make sure to place him safely in his pram, no matter if he cries but my baby will not fall for good!

My prince shocked me by standing on his feet for the first time, as he turned six and a half months old this month. I captured the picture quickly in my camera to record this great development milestone of my beloved son.

Aastik now loves touching my face when I am with him and he smiles in a naughty way. His Papa dear spends terrible nights, as he loves his Papa more at night by slipping towards him and giving me 75% of the bed. He loves sticking to his Papa at night and I really laugh to see both of them sleeping on the 25% portion of the bed!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part I (28th June 2011 - 28th July 2012)

As soon as my baby turned 6 months old, he surprised me by sitting on his own. My happiness was beyond the limitJ  He enjoyed sitting on his own and falling and rolling down on the bed. Amazing thing is that he also started crawling a few steps at the same time.

Now, Aastik comes crawling to me somehow falling and rolling when I stand at one corner of the bed and calls him with my open arms. It is a wonderful feeling that my little wonder is attached to me so much that he does whatever he can do to come in my arms.

This month, Aastik got his 3rd dose of DPT vaccination along with Heb III and HIB III. My baby is suffering from pain and is now letting me go away. I sat 4 hours taking him in my lap the day he got vaccinated. His doctor also informed us that he is in a procedure to bring out his lower two front teeth, which can be a painful procedure for him, so be careful!

In his 6th month, he got to celebrate many parties. He also visited a Five Star Hotel for the 1st time in his life– Hilton Hotel in Janakpuri. My baby showed full mannerism there without irritating us or crying there. He also attended the 1st family function this month and got the deserved attention from all the relatives.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part II (28th May 2011 - 28th June 2012)

My small wonder is getting more playful this month, as he approaches his half yearly birthday. He remains busy examining his hands, legs and neck by moving them up and down, left and right. He really enjoys doing these small things with his body.

Aastik is also getting risky these days, as he jumps off the pillows to the corners of the bed. I found him just the right moment many times and saved him from falling off the bed. In short, I need to be extra alert and must not leave him alone for a minute.

My baby suffered from stomach infection this month with too many poos a day, sometimes even 10 a day. I was worried but thank God, the doctor’s medication suited him and he is now well. But, due to loose motions, he is bit weak now.

He is all set to sit now with a little support. On the other hand, his teething procedure has also started due to which, he tries to put everything that he catches in his mouth and tries to chew it.

Aastik loves chanting these days word like “te-te, tu-tu”. He moves up to 360 degrees in a circle in order to catch my glimpse when I enter the room. He does the same with his Papa. My prince is set to turn 6 months old just in 3-4 days. Yippie!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part I (28th May 2011 - 28th June 2012)

As soon as Aastik turned 5 months old, he has started showing his eagerness to sit as well as crawl. He cries often when I don’t make him sit with my support and loves sitting and observing the world around him in his little room.

My cute little son wants to crawl; perhaps this is the reason that he becomes a horse these days in an attempt to crawl. However, the result is so funny that he falls on his left side or right side and smiles. We all are just guessing whether he will learn to sit first or to crawl first. I bet that he will do both together. Touch wood!

Aastik loves modeling for photos that I click. In a sense, he is similar to his parents, who love to get clicked too! In the sixth month, he has also started jumping towards me from anyone’s lap, so that I hold him in my arms and I just love that he loves me so much!

As per his doctor’s advice, I have started feeding Aastik with semi solids in the form of glucose biscuit shake, khichdi water, mashed dal, suji kheer and custard. He must be thinking that whatever, Mumma gets in hand she tries on me these days. His first reaction while trying everything for the first time is that he seals his mouth. But, I don’t give up and give my best attempt to feed him with things that he can eat easily in order to develop his taste.

During pregnancy, my mango baby made me gorge upon so many mangoes, so I also make sure to give him a taste of mango pulp when he is in my hands now! He also loved it with some lichi juice. I intend to make him eat everything as he grows up, be it tinda, tori, karela and so on, whatever, his dad don’t like too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aastik in 5th Month: Part II (28th Apr 2011 - 28th May 2012)

Few interesting changes that he showed in the first half of his fifth month were that he started turning straight while lying on his tummy, though seldom! Moreover, he has started crawling like army men by holding his hips high and pushing himself forward! He looks so funny when he does so.

His Nani warned me to pay more extra attention towards him as he may fall down from the bed by crawling like this. This month, I celebrated my first birthday as Aastik’s mother with my cute son! In short, I turned one this year!!!

Aastik is seeking more attention this month and gets cranky and bored if not entertained in some or the other way! He also got vaccinated with 2nd Doses of (Rotavirus vaccination and IPV) this month and his doctor has asked us to start semi-solids for him like Glucose Biscuits dissolved in milk.

Since, he loves sleeping on his tummy or on his sides, we have packed his cot as he cries sleeping in it! I must say, Aastik sleeps just like his Papa dear holding a pillow under his arm.

The best progress I found in Aastik this month is that he has started recognizing his name and turns around when we call him. It’s just so lovely to see my son growing up in front of my eyes in such a cute way.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aastik in 5th Month: Part I (28th Apr 2011 - 28th May 2012)

Showering his toothless smile every now and then, my sweet little Aastik is growing day by day and I am loving it! In the fifth month, he got senior, as his cousin has arrived. His mama has been blessed with a baby boy. In short, he has a new little cousinbrother to play with, who is just 4 months younger than him!

He and me made a visit to his Nani house to welcome the newly born and he looked big in comparison to the little Reyaansh. When I held Rey in my hands, I wondered has my Aastik turned lighter in weight! But, truly the newly born Reyaansh reminded of Aastik’s newly born days.

At his Nani’s house, Aastik was his elder cousin sister Kinjal’s favorite, who used to entertain her with her fairy dance by all dressed up as a little fairy. He too used to enjoy it to the fullest and giggled and smiled seeing her doing so. On the other hand, he showed that Nani is his favorite by always smiling seeing her around. This in fact, made his Nanu jealous that he’s teasing his wifey!

At the same time, Aastik was bit difficult to handle at his Nani’s house, may be due to change of place and faces around him. He in fact, made me cry one day and I thought, I was better at my own place!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aastik in 4th Month: Part II (28th Mar 2011 - 28th Apr 2012)

Aastik made two short visits to his Nanu house this month and in the 1st visit, he cried seeing his Nani dear! Nani was upset that he has forgotten her! But the poor chap made for it in his second visit by laughing and giggling the most seeing his Nani. His Mamu showed his mastery in making babies laugh by making funny faces. In these short visits I realized that my son gets a V.V.I.P treatment at his Nani’s house that I used to get when he was not born.

Aastik got vaccinated (DPT 2nd Dose, HIV 3rd Dose) again this month and my little baby got fever this time. The best thing was that in spite of being in fever, he was playing and showed no sign of fever.

My baby enjoys sleeping on his tummy all the time and at night he kicks me to make space for him to turn on his tummy. God when he was inside, he used to kick me hard and now when he is outside I am bearing his kicks again!

Aastik is turning four in a couple of days but he gets frightened very soon seeing someone jump, hearing some loud noise or toy’s noise makes him shout with fear. This month he attended his first wedding function too and loved it but the D.J. music frightened him!

He also has a tendency to hold something in his hand these days may be because of fear! Whatever, comes in his approach, be it a hanky, my hand, his hand, bed sheet or anything, it goes straight it his mouth and he starts sucking it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aastik in 4th Month: Part I (28th Mar 2011 - 28th Apr 2012)

As soon as, Aastik turned 3 months old, I saw a new change in him. He is now eager to sit and feels bored lying down all the time on the bed or in his cot. He enjoys when I make him sit in my lap.

My little prince has made me pack his carry cot, as he slips out of him or cries in it. He loves strolling in his stroller now! The bond between my baby and me is growing more, as now he recognizes my voice too and turns his neck from where I talk to him. This in fact, makes his Papa jealous that he is a Mumma’s boy and loves me more than him.

Finally, after getting bored of sleeping on his back, Aastik has now decided to lie on his tummy. It just takes him a second to come on his tummy and have a peep a-boo of the room. I must say, my baby is very intelligent, as he knows Mumma doesn’t lets him lick his thumb when he lies straight, so he turns on his tummy and licks the thumb hiding from me! But Mumma is Mumma and he is caught doing so!

This month, Aastik has increased volume when he shouts and most of the time he shouts when he doesn’t sees me around, so I have told his Papa to bring some face masks for me so that I can hide from him and he doesn’t gets the habit of seeing my face all the time!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Aastik in 3rd Month: Part II (28th Feb 2011 - 28th Mar 2012)

I have seen babies sucking their thumb but my Aastik sucks not just his thumb but sometimes his whole fist in the 3rd month. Most of the time his palms are covered in his mittens, but the moment I remove his mittens he is on his job of sucking his thumb. He even tries to do so with his mittens on.

This month, we took Aastik third time for vaccination (IPV 1st Dose, Rotavirus 1st Dose). My poor little baby cried but then slept without much pain! I must say he is a brave baby boy!!!

Aastik also made his 1st trip to a nearby park this month in his stroller with Mumma, his aunt and two sweet cousin sisters. I couldn’t control myself clicking his photos amidst beautiful flowers. He too gave a perfect toothless smile amidst flowers.

Aastik is getting naughtier this month and I can’t stop my smile watching him turning and rolling towards me like a ball. He has also started grasping my clothes in his powerful fist this month! Aastik uses his powerful hands to play not with his Baby Gym’s toys but to remove its stand from its place and sometimes he even kicks it!!!

I must say my small son is truly keeping up to his name, “Aastik”, as he enjoys listening Mata’s Aarti in his 1st Navratras. This time, we won’t have to search for a small boy with 9 small girls for Kanjak, as our little Aastik is here!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aastik in 3rd Month: Part I (28th Feb 2011 - 28th Mar 2012)

With the starting of the 3rd month, the best thing has happened for me, as Aastik has started recognizing his mummy. He smiles looking at me in a very naughty manner. He is getting playful more this month and loves when someone talks to him in his manner.

Aastik needs to be attended well now, as he moves from pillow very often and can also turn to 90 degree if made to sleep straight on his mattress. During night, I have to make him lie straight thrice or even four times, because he gets into me turning way from his mattress.

In his cot also, he moves from one end to the other, as if trying to move out of it tearing it off. We celebrated Aastik’s 1st holi at home and he looked at me with surprise and then smiled seeing colors on my face. His Nanu and Nani got a cool pram for him for his 1st Holi. Aastik says thanks to his loving Nanu and Nani.

This month, Aastik has done many things 1st time. Not just his 1st Holi festival, he also made his 1st out of Delhi trip to Faridabad to meet his Papa’s Mamaji and Mamiji. He also went for shopping for the 1st time to Big Bazaar to shop diapers for himself lying in the shopping trolley.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aastik in 2nd Month: Part II (28th Jan 2011 - 28th Feb 2012)

Finally, me and Aastik are back from his Nanu house and before going to home, we(he, his Papa and me) with his Nanu and Nani went to Jhandewalan Mandir to take blessings for him.

Aastik simply loves being without a nappy. After getting three vaccinations (BCG, OPV, HepB) in the 1st month, my baby got his next set of vaccinations (DPT, HepB 2nd dose) in his 2nd month. Apart from this, I also got him OPV this month. Though, the doctor warned us that he might get fever or cry but my strong baby was well after the vaccination.

My poor baby is coughing and sneezing a bit this month, but I m giving him the medicine s told to me by the doctor. He also has some pimples sort of thing on his face that makes him look red t face. Thankfully, the treatment given to him by the doctor has treated his face pimples to a great extent.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aastik in 2nd Month: Part I (28th Jan 2011 - 28th Feb 2012)

My small wonder has now started playing with blanket. Yes, he kicks off the blanket from his legs as if playing football. I am happy to see my kid using his legs to kick off things in a playful manner. Another naughty thing that Aastik does in his second month is that he has started moving up from his pillow. God knows how can such a small baby shift his head from the pillow?

Aastik’s Nani and I really laugh watching him lifting his waist. Mostly, he does so when he pisses and the cloth below him is wet and he wants to remove it. You see my smart little Aastik is getting naughty day by day. He has also started responding to talks this month, especially with his Nanu dear.

Aastik just loves watching fan on the roof, so Nanu switches on and off the fan to grab his attention. Not just fns, even lights re his favorite; it seems he loves all the electrical things. I just love watching my baby smile sometimes.

One thing that has given me the greatest relief this month is that Aastik has now started sleeping more in nights and less in daytime. This means now I also get to sleep somewhat comfortably t nights with my small wonder.

He shows off his power now by pushing by his hand when I come close to him for a feed. Kids are taught to do left right left with legs, but by baby does it with his neck right in the 2nd month. He turns his neck left right left continuously sometimes, as if he is searching for something.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aastik in 1st Month: Part II (28th Dec 2011 - 28th Jan 2012)

Finally, after many days of searching a good name for my baby, I came across a very good name with a very good meaning, “Aastik”, one who believes in God! Though, his father found the name okay okay, I wished to keep this name for him and he finally agreed!

I never imagined that a small baby of just 15 – 20 days can push with hands! My prince does so; it shows he has powerful hands for his protection. But, poor little baby pushes his mumma too while feeding!

I cried thrice in this month seeing him awake at nights and keeping me awake too. If he gets ups at 1a.m at night, he will not sleep before 3a.m. It means mumma and baby will talk or play for 2 hours. He keeps me busy in these 2 hours at a stretch in nappy changing, feeding and soothing him when he cries! This 2 hours awaking goes for at least twice and sometimes thrice in the whole night!

Last but not the least thing that I observed in Aastik in the first month is that he is his own boss! Elaborately speaking, no one can make him sleep when he is awake and no one can awake him when he is sleeping, unless he wishes it himself! He sleeps as per his will and wakes up at his own will!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aastik in 1st Month: Part I (28th Dec 2011 - 28th Jan 2012)

At last my, wait is over and I have my baby in my hands! After getting discharged on the 3rd day of my baby’s arrival, I am back at home and the first night was just horrible with the baby getting cranky almost whole night! Me and his Papa couldn’t sleep well whole night!

Next day (4th day), his father noticed symptoms of jaundice on our baby and we got worried! We took him to the child specialist and got his jaundice checked. He was found to suffer from jaundice but nothing was worth worrying, as it was normal and not at a high level. Doctor asked us to take him in indirect sunshine for few days and he will be fine!

I thought not to give him top feed but had to give him in just 4 days because he cries non-stop with hunger! Mamu got his Nan Pro One Formula Milk and the moment he drinks it, he turns Keshto Mukherjee with his eyes getting at the corners! I doubt, whether his mamu mixed some brandy in this milk that he sleeps getting dizzy the moment he gets the top feed!

Though, he remains serious most of the times, my little one looks oh so adorable when he smiles while sleeping. I never saw a new born baby looking at lights, as he does. One thing that makes me worry for him during these initial days of his life is his sneezing in this cold weather. I pray he has not got cold!

Me and his nani found one thing very strange in his 1st month that after every bottle feed he does potty. Moreover, the bottle doesn’t gets empty and he has he spoils his nappy. More than me, his nani gets worried when he does this dirty job!

Will share more about my baby's progress in 1st month in Part II...