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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aastik in 10th Month: Part II (28th September 2011 - 28th October 2012)

Aastik celebrated his Papa’s 1st birthday this month and his Papa was happy to have an adorable son like Aastik on this birthday. Aastik is showing his second tooth next to the 1st one in the lower jaw.

My baby wakes up at a minor sound in the room and this is a problem for me these days, as all my labor in making him sleep gets wasted with a single sound in the room! He loves doing hands up when in a joyous mood in the later half of his 10th month.

Another naughty thing that he has started doing these days is climbing and sitting on the basket I keep around him on the bed for protection. The moment I scold him, he teases me laughing or smiling at me in a very naughty manner! I forget all for anger seeing his cute smile!

Aastik celebrated his 2nd Kanjak this month and loved seeing so many didis… He also went to Jhandewalan Temple for the 1st time in Navratras and his Nanu dear enjoyed clicking his cute pix there with all the tika on his forehead, cheeks and nose. My baby is a budding dancer and assures to be a great dancer like his Dad. The moment he hears a dancing tune, he starts dancing with hands up and moving up and down.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aastik in 10th Month: Part I (28th September 2011 - 28th October 2012)

My little Aastik is growing day by day and wants freedom to move and crawl around. But, due to teething, he is not eating well and appearing weaker to me. Since, my baby is not eating well; therefore he is suffering from constipation.

He wants many night feedings and comes calling to me “Mumma, Mumma…” and I just love it despite of the fact that I feel so sleepy and disturbed that time. My baby fell off the bed for the 3rd time on 13th Oct in my and his Dad’s presence; such is his naughtiness these days!

Aastik looks so cute in one fountain pony on head that I have started making to keep his growing hair in place. To avoid cough and cold in this changing weather, we have started giving a drop on Brandy twice a week and he loves it J and goes even naughtier after sipping it.

My small wonder got vaccinated with second dose of Influenza vaccine this month. Aastik loves throwing things on the floor these days and laughs when I pick then up and he throws again! He has now got a habit of sleeping sticking to me and wakes up the moment I wake up! He is acting like a magnet to me!!!