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Friday, March 8, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 2 Months: (28th January 2011 - 28th February 2013)

Bujung bujung and butur butur are the words that my 14 months old toddler loves to utter these days. Aastik as usual is at his naughtiest best and loves to play hide and seek with me. Falling every 3rd day while walking in a madsy mood is a normal thing for him now.

Aastik went on his 1st train journey this month to Chintpurni with his parents and Nanu family. He got disturbed by the noise mad by two boggie junction at night and it was very hard to make him sleep in the train, rest all was fine. His Papa dear carried him all the way wherever possible in a baby carrier.

My naughty baby is highly irritated these days, as his 7th tooth and 8th tooth are just about to come in the lower jaw. Due to this reason he is eating less but chips and crax are his all time favorite with Maggi.

The worst thing these days I am facing is that the moment I get up in the morning, he gets up with me, as if he has fixed n hidden an alarm in me to wake him up. Aastik has got fascination with cell phones, landline phones, remote controls and also loves hearing voices on phones.

My toddler baby has made his Dadi Dadu go mad, as the moment he slips into their room he creates havoc on their dressing table. Thank God! I caught him on the right moment one day, when he had a big scissor in his hand. He just opens up all the drawers and cupboards that are unlocked in their room and I don’t need to find him, I get to know through their shouting, that Aastik is on his favorite time pass in their room.

Aastik is getting brainy these days and I can make it out, as he loves opening and closing boxes and making noises by banging them on table. I am planning to get some toys that are going to help him in developing in this building and making skill. He also loves pipes of all kinds and one day when I took him to a park, he didn’t even left the hose pipe there.