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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part II (28th May 2011 - 28th June 2012)

My small wonder is getting more playful this month, as he approaches his half yearly birthday. He remains busy examining his hands, legs and neck by moving them up and down, left and right. He really enjoys doing these small things with his body.

Aastik is also getting risky these days, as he jumps off the pillows to the corners of the bed. I found him just the right moment many times and saved him from falling off the bed. In short, I need to be extra alert and must not leave him alone for a minute.

My baby suffered from stomach infection this month with too many poos a day, sometimes even 10 a day. I was worried but thank God, the doctor’s medication suited him and he is now well. But, due to loose motions, he is bit weak now.

He is all set to sit now with a little support. On the other hand, his teething procedure has also started due to which, he tries to put everything that he catches in his mouth and tries to chew it.

Aastik loves chanting these days word like “te-te, tu-tu”. He moves up to 360 degrees in a circle in order to catch my glimpse when I enter the room. He does the same with his Papa. My prince is set to turn 6 months old just in 3-4 days. Yippie!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aastik in 6th Month: Part I (28th May 2011 - 28th June 2012)

As soon as Aastik turned 5 months old, he has started showing his eagerness to sit as well as crawl. He cries often when I don’t make him sit with my support and loves sitting and observing the world around him in his little room.

My cute little son wants to crawl; perhaps this is the reason that he becomes a horse these days in an attempt to crawl. However, the result is so funny that he falls on his left side or right side and smiles. We all are just guessing whether he will learn to sit first or to crawl first. I bet that he will do both together. Touch wood!

Aastik loves modeling for photos that I click. In a sense, he is similar to his parents, who love to get clicked too! In the sixth month, he has also started jumping towards me from anyone’s lap, so that I hold him in my arms and I just love that he loves me so much!

As per his doctor’s advice, I have started feeding Aastik with semi solids in the form of glucose biscuit shake, khichdi water, mashed dal, suji kheer and custard. He must be thinking that whatever, Mumma gets in hand she tries on me these days. His first reaction while trying everything for the first time is that he seals his mouth. But, I don’t give up and give my best attempt to feed him with things that he can eat easily in order to develop his taste.

During pregnancy, my mango baby made me gorge upon so many mangoes, so I also make sure to give him a taste of mango pulp when he is in my hands now! He also loved it with some lichi juice. I intend to make him eat everything as he grows up, be it tinda, tori, karela and so on, whatever, his dad don’t like too!