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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aastik in 2 Years: (28th Dec 2011 – 28th Dec 2013)

It just seems that it was only a few days back I was admitted to the hospital and my little prince came into my hands. Now, this little prince has grown up to become a mischievous 2 year old toddler. My whole world runs around him, watching him growing day by day, scolding him on every new mischief, laughing on his naughty bla bla and clicking his every new pose. These 2 years were in a sense the best of my life and yes the most trying ones too.

Aastik has shown tremendous development in the last 3-4 months. He can speak a number of words and in facts he repeats what I say to him. His vocabulary till now includes words like Mumma, Papa, Dadu, Nanu, Didi, Paani, Car, Scooty, Bike, Toys, No, Yes, Hot, Auti- Roti, Cockoach- Cockroach, Munkey- Monkey, Baba, Dudu and many more. I just love recording his initial days of speaking.

Thankfully, at last he has stared doing daily chores on his potty seat too, which was my toughest problem since 5 months. The only wait is for his going to playschool in a month or too, so that he leaves me for sometime, as he sticks to me all the time…I know I will be offering prasad to God for that day after Lohri soon.

He has also started hitting his cousin sisters these days, which is a matter of concern for me. The worst thing is that when I scold him, he laughs or tries to hit me too. But, I know this is a temporary phase like his 6 months elder cousin sister, he too will stop hitting others soon.

On the other hand, a good thing noticeable in Aastik is that he tries to help me picking things but this helping baby is too small that actually increases my chores instead of decreasing them. He can’t see my phone in his dad’s hand or anyone else’s things in someone else’s hands. The moment he sees that, he cries and snatches it to return to the person to which that thing actually belongs. He is also a good mimicer and mimics anything you will do or speak in front of him.

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SON. You mean the world to me and imagining life without you around me will be like living no life at all. God bless you with good health, sharp mind and wisdom.

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