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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aastik in 2 Years: (28th Dec 2011 – 28th Dec 2013)

It just seems that it was only a few days back I was admitted to the hospital and my little prince came into my hands. Now, this little prince has grown up to become a mischievous 2 year old toddler. My whole world runs around him, watching him growing day by day, scolding him on every new mischief, laughing on his naughty bla bla and clicking his every new pose. These 2 years were in a sense the best of my life and yes the most trying ones too.

Aastik has shown tremendous development in the last 3-4 months. He can speak a number of words and in facts he repeats what I say to him. His vocabulary till now includes words like Mumma, Papa, Dadu, Nanu, Didi, Paani, Car, Scooty, Bike, Toys, No, Yes, Hot, Auti- Roti, Cockoach- Cockroach, Munkey- Monkey, Baba, Dudu and many more. I just love recording his initial days of speaking.

Thankfully, at last he has stared doing daily chores on his potty seat too, which was my toughest problem since 5 months. The only wait is for his going to playschool in a month or too, so that he leaves me for sometime, as he sticks to me all the time…I know I will be offering prasad to God for that day after Lohri soon.

He has also started hitting his cousin sisters these days, which is a matter of concern for me. The worst thing is that when I scold him, he laughs or tries to hit me too. But, I know this is a temporary phase like his 6 months elder cousin sister, he too will stop hitting others soon.

On the other hand, a good thing noticeable in Aastik is that he tries to help me picking things but this helping baby is too small that actually increases my chores instead of decreasing them. He can’t see my phone in his dad’s hand or anyone else’s things in someone else’s hands. The moment he sees that, he cries and snatches it to return to the person to which that thing actually belongs. He is also a good mimicer and mimics anything you will do or speak in front of him.

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SON. You mean the world to me and imagining life without you around me will be like living no life at all. God bless you with good health, sharp mind and wisdom.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 6 Months: (28th May – 28th June 2013)

Yippie…. My toddler has turned 1.5 years now. It feels great to see this little bundle of joy that remained in my hands or in lap now making me running all around the house. He keeps roaming from one place to another or let me say he can’t stay at one place now, as he is always in search of mischief.

Aastik is again on dentation these days and is suffering from loose motion and fever on and off. He got vaccinated with 2nd dose of Hep A this month and my baby was so brave to shut the doctor’s door after entering in his cabin.

He keeps on shouting all day long or crying for no reason, in short, he is becoming a fussy toddler. He wakes up in middle of the night to show his parents stars and also takes us to park at 5.30 am sharp by crying non stop. This month, he made his Nani mad by his mischief during a stay and loved throwing all the spoons and things from the kitchen.

At home too, Aastik is on top of his mischief in the kitchen and once even got hot boiled milk spilled on him, thank God; I was around and saved him from burning himself. In room too, I can’t leave him alone for a second, else some mischief will be on my way by my dear son to welcome me.

He bites, me pinches me and does all the experiments he likes with me…Another interesting thing that I have found in Aastik these days is that he is very possessive for me and feels jealous the moment, I love any other child or toy or even if someone come closer to me. He comes running to me and pushes that person away in jealousy. The only problem with him these days is that he doesn’t eats much and has lost a lot of weight. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 4 Months: (28th April – 28th May 2013)

Aastik is getting naughtier day by day and now he has started mimicking me and others around him. For instance, if I wave my head from left to right, he does the same seeing me and I just love watching him mimicking me.

This month, Aastik’s Mumma turned two years and he celebrated his mumma’s birthday with her and his Papa at Splash Water Park. My baby just loves water and playing in water was the biggest thing for him that day.

Another thing that Aastik is doing these days is that he has started following many of my commands like looking in the mirror, when I say him to do so. He also, picks things and gives them to the person I say. He also knows what is dog, cat, crow and monkey. His fear of crow has gone by now and I find it difficult to make him sleep using his fear of crow.

My mischievous kid loves playing with the CD ROM button of the CPU, the moment I start my PC and I have to shut it down instantly. He also loves eating food on the chair in front of the PC and mimics working on keyboard and mouse, just like me.

Aastik is a screaming child by now and the  moment Hridya, his cousin sister who is six months elder than him, comes near him to fight with him or scratch him, he shouts like anything to frighten her away but even then she runs away scratching him.

In his 17th month, Aastik has shown good signs of development and he loves hearing bedtime stories from me at night. At the same time, my toddler is getting fussy and wants to get his own way by shouting, crying or anything. His sleep has also decreased a lot and even an hour extra sleep at noon costs me a lot at night.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 4 Months: (28th March – 28th April 2013)

My smart kid is getting smarter as he is about to turn 1.5 years. He knows how to play “Chidiya Udh Game”. Aastik has also learnt to show his eyes by winking them in a naughty way, when I ask him where his eyes are.

Aastik loves playing with balls and knows how to play hide and seek behind the curtain on at the bed side by hiding down. Remote controls, cell phones, pressure cookers, utensils and balls are his all time favorites these days. When I say hello to him, he also shakes hand and takes his hand to his ear, as if attending a phone call.

The most exciting thing that happened to Aastik in the16th Month is that he got bald. I mean we did his mundan this month on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi on April 13th, 2013. Thanks to Frooti that my baby didn’t cry when his mundane was going on.

Aastik is now ready to climb up the bed and he tries a lot to do so these days. In fact, one day he climbed up the bed with the help of a stool kept nearby and I was shocked to see his mischief. He loves regulating the fan and switching on the switches on the switchboard and that keeps me very worried all the time…

He got vaccinated with MMR vaccine this month and as usual cried for a second and then ran like nothing happened to him – My Brave Little Boy… But this brave boy gets scared of crows and I use this scare often to make him sleep at noon. On the other hand, he loves dogs and tries to touch them when I take him for a stroll.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 3 Months (28th February - 28th March 2013)

15th month was a mix package for Aastik, as he enjoyed this month a stay at his Nani’s house but fell sick there with stomach infection. He was not allowed to have milk for 2 days and my baby couldn’t sleep well all night and shouted like hell. Even the neighbors asked what happened to the little baby.

Aastik impressed everyone with his dance skills on any beat he hears, be it music of Reyansh’s cry. My baby is fond of going out and the moment he hears a door bell, he just jumps off to the door to slip out because his Nani house is on ground floor. Moreover, I took him to park daily in the morning and evening, so he got used to go out.

When his stomach infection got over, he enjoyed with his Kinju Di and Reyansh Bhai. The moment he arrived back to Dadi’s house, he got eye infection. Now, by God’s grace my toddler is fine.

Aastik enjoyed playing holi with his both cousin sisters and loves clapping in water bucket. I had to grab him forcefully to stop the water play and he cried a lot.

My little wonder smiles brightly with his 8 teeth with 4 in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw. This cute little angry young toddler knows how to express his anger by banging things, shouting and beating his hands wherever he could. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 2 Months: (28th January 2011 - 28th February 2013)

Bujung bujung and butur butur are the words that my 14 months old toddler loves to utter these days. Aastik as usual is at his naughtiest best and loves to play hide and seek with me. Falling every 3rd day while walking in a madsy mood is a normal thing for him now.

Aastik went on his 1st train journey this month to Chintpurni with his parents and Nanu family. He got disturbed by the noise mad by two boggie junction at night and it was very hard to make him sleep in the train, rest all was fine. His Papa dear carried him all the way wherever possible in a baby carrier.

My naughty baby is highly irritated these days, as his 7th tooth and 8th tooth are just about to come in the lower jaw. Due to this reason he is eating less but chips and crax are his all time favorite with Maggi.

The worst thing these days I am facing is that the moment I get up in the morning, he gets up with me, as if he has fixed n hidden an alarm in me to wake him up. Aastik has got fascination with cell phones, landline phones, remote controls and also loves hearing voices on phones.

My toddler baby has made his Dadi Dadu go mad, as the moment he slips into their room he creates havoc on their dressing table. Thank God! I caught him on the right moment one day, when he had a big scissor in his hand. He just opens up all the drawers and cupboards that are unlocked in their room and I don’t need to find him, I get to know through their shouting, that Aastik is on his favorite time pass in their room.

Aastik is getting brainy these days and I can make it out, as he loves opening and closing boxes and making noises by banging them on table. I am planning to get some toys that are going to help him in developing in this building and making skill. He also loves pipes of all kinds and one day when I took him to a park, he didn’t even left the hose pipe there. 






Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 1Month: (28th December 2011 - 28th January 2013)

Now, that my baby has turned into a toddler, he decided to give me the best gift in the New Year 2013 by starting walking on his own from January 1st, 2013. I felt so nice to see my lappy baby, who used to lie in my lap now standing and walking towards me like a baby penguin.

Aastik is on his mischievous best these days and opens up all the drawers and cupboards where I forget to put a lock. He throws away all the things he can catch hold off and seems to be on a task taught by his dad to give Mumma a good exercise regime by throwing everything anywhere.

My little toddler is getting brainy too these days and tries to observe and repeat things he see often. He can now do head down in prayer and yes, his Dadu taught him one-two exercise. Aastik shouts a lot in anger, when we don’t listen to him and also trying his best to talk now. His favorite words are “bebe—baba—pi-pi-mumma-pepe and gra-gra”.

He looks so sweet doing the chatkara when he is happy or likes eating something. My 6 teeth beauty now has his 4 teeth in front of the upper jaw and two lower front teeth. He got vaccinated for the 1st Dose of Hep. A this month and didn’t cry much. Naughty Aastik also do bhap and beats me and objects around him whenever he feels like. At the end of this 13th month my baby has caught cold, cough and also fever. Let’s see how he progresses the next month.