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Friday, May 31, 2013

Aastik in 1 Year 4 Months: (28th April – 28th May 2013)

Aastik is getting naughtier day by day and now he has started mimicking me and others around him. For instance, if I wave my head from left to right, he does the same seeing me and I just love watching him mimicking me.

This month, Aastik’s Mumma turned two years and he celebrated his mumma’s birthday with her and his Papa at Splash Water Park. My baby just loves water and playing in water was the biggest thing for him that day.

Another thing that Aastik is doing these days is that he has started following many of my commands like looking in the mirror, when I say him to do so. He also, picks things and gives them to the person I say. He also knows what is dog, cat, crow and monkey. His fear of crow has gone by now and I find it difficult to make him sleep using his fear of crow.

My mischievous kid loves playing with the CD ROM button of the CPU, the moment I start my PC and I have to shut it down instantly. He also loves eating food on the chair in front of the PC and mimics working on keyboard and mouse, just like me.

Aastik is a screaming child by now and the  moment Hridya, his cousin sister who is six months elder than him, comes near him to fight with him or scratch him, he shouts like anything to frighten her away but even then she runs away scratching him.

In his 17th month, Aastik has shown good signs of development and he loves hearing bedtime stories from me at night. At the same time, my toddler is getting fussy and wants to get his own way by shouting, crying or anything. His sleep has also decreased a lot and even an hour extra sleep at noon costs me a lot at night.