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Friday, March 30, 2012

Aastik in 3rd Month: Part II (28th Feb 2011 - 28th Mar 2012)

I have seen babies sucking their thumb but my Aastik sucks not just his thumb but sometimes his whole fist in the 3rd month. Most of the time his palms are covered in his mittens, but the moment I remove his mittens he is on his job of sucking his thumb. He even tries to do so with his mittens on.

This month, we took Aastik third time for vaccination (IPV 1st Dose, Rotavirus 1st Dose). My poor little baby cried but then slept without much pain! I must say he is a brave baby boy!!!

Aastik also made his 1st trip to a nearby park this month in his stroller with Mumma, his aunt and two sweet cousin sisters. I couldn’t control myself clicking his photos amidst beautiful flowers. He too gave a perfect toothless smile amidst flowers.

Aastik is getting naughtier this month and I can’t stop my smile watching him turning and rolling towards me like a ball. He has also started grasping my clothes in his powerful fist this month! Aastik uses his powerful hands to play not with his Baby Gym’s toys but to remove its stand from its place and sometimes he even kicks it!!!

I must say my small son is truly keeping up to his name, “Aastik”, as he enjoys listening Mata’s Aarti in his 1st Navratras. This time, we won’t have to search for a small boy with 9 small girls for Kanjak, as our little Aastik is here!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aastik in 3rd Month: Part I (28th Feb 2011 - 28th Mar 2012)

With the starting of the 3rd month, the best thing has happened for me, as Aastik has started recognizing his mummy. He smiles looking at me in a very naughty manner. He is getting playful more this month and loves when someone talks to him in his manner.

Aastik needs to be attended well now, as he moves from pillow very often and can also turn to 90 degree if made to sleep straight on his mattress. During night, I have to make him lie straight thrice or even four times, because he gets into me turning way from his mattress.

In his cot also, he moves from one end to the other, as if trying to move out of it tearing it off. We celebrated Aastik’s 1st holi at home and he looked at me with surprise and then smiled seeing colors on my face. His Nanu and Nani got a cool pram for him for his 1st Holi. Aastik says thanks to his loving Nanu and Nani.

This month, Aastik has done many things 1st time. Not just his 1st Holi festival, he also made his 1st out of Delhi trip to Faridabad to meet his Papa’s Mamaji and Mamiji. He also went for shopping for the 1st time to Big Bazaar to shop diapers for himself lying in the shopping trolley.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aastik in 2nd Month: Part II (28th Jan 2011 - 28th Feb 2012)

Finally, me and Aastik are back from his Nanu house and before going to home, we(he, his Papa and me) with his Nanu and Nani went to Jhandewalan Mandir to take blessings for him.

Aastik simply loves being without a nappy. After getting three vaccinations (BCG, OPV, HepB) in the 1st month, my baby got his next set of vaccinations (DPT, HepB 2nd dose) in his 2nd month. Apart from this, I also got him OPV this month. Though, the doctor warned us that he might get fever or cry but my strong baby was well after the vaccination.

My poor baby is coughing and sneezing a bit this month, but I m giving him the medicine s told to me by the doctor. He also has some pimples sort of thing on his face that makes him look red t face. Thankfully, the treatment given to him by the doctor has treated his face pimples to a great extent.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aastik in 2nd Month: Part I (28th Jan 2011 - 28th Feb 2012)

My small wonder has now started playing with blanket. Yes, he kicks off the blanket from his legs as if playing football. I am happy to see my kid using his legs to kick off things in a playful manner. Another naughty thing that Aastik does in his second month is that he has started moving up from his pillow. God knows how can such a small baby shift his head from the pillow?

Aastik’s Nani and I really laugh watching him lifting his waist. Mostly, he does so when he pisses and the cloth below him is wet and he wants to remove it. You see my smart little Aastik is getting naughty day by day. He has also started responding to talks this month, especially with his Nanu dear.

Aastik just loves watching fan on the roof, so Nanu switches on and off the fan to grab his attention. Not just fns, even lights re his favorite; it seems he loves all the electrical things. I just love watching my baby smile sometimes.

One thing that has given me the greatest relief this month is that Aastik has now started sleeping more in nights and less in daytime. This means now I also get to sleep somewhat comfortably t nights with my small wonder.

He shows off his power now by pushing by his hand when I come close to him for a feed. Kids are taught to do left right left with legs, but by baby does it with his neck right in the 2nd month. He turns his neck left right left continuously sometimes, as if he is searching for something.