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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part III (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

Yeah!!! Aastik turns 1 year today. It seems that only yesterday that he was given to me in my lap with his tiny hands and feet. Now, the naughty baby has turned one. I can easily recount how the whole year was growing him and also growing with him as a mother. He used to sleep for 2 hours and then wake up for 2 hours alternatively whole day. Now, the brat sleeps only twice a day.

We celebrated Aastik’s 1st birthday at Comesum Family Lounge with our family and his Nanu dear’s family. This 1 year old boy has got his 1st car on his 1st birthday. His Nanu gifted him a stylish blue battery operated car on his 1st birthday and Aastik really loved it.

My little prince wore a red fur coat and a matching cap on his very 1st birthday. The venue was all decorated with white and pink balloons. We chose a cake in the form of “1” to represent his 1st birthday. The only problem we faced was that the birthday boy was feeling sleeping and didn’t enjoyed much and went cranky during the birthday celebration.

The funniest thing was that the naughty boy was in full mood to celebrate his 1st birthday as we reached home and slept as late as 1:30am in the night. That time, felt like giving a good birthday bump for not being a sport during his birthday celebration and being in full enjoyable mood at home late night, when we wanted to sleep.

I now imagine, how he will be like on his 2nd birthday. I guess, I must by running after him and he might be set to go to a playschool and on the top of it, he will be more notorious. I pray to God to give my dearest son good health, prosperity and the best of life and yes, I also pray to God to give me more stamina to bear his naughtiness in the coming years of his toddlerhood.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part II (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

Aastik looks lovely when he stands without support and does sit ups while clapping his hands these days. He also loves dancing without support standing and smiling in his own way. I will never forget these days when he is showing such cute signs of independence to stand and walk.

My little baby surprised me by walking on bed without support and coming to me on 15th Dec 2012 for the very first time. It was a precious moment for me and I captured it in my camera and of course in my eyes and heart forever. The same day he fell down twice from bed in an eagerness to walk. I need to be extra cautious for him now, as his Dadi told me!

My baby’s 5th tooth and finally the main front upper jaw tooth is coming and on his 1st birthday he impressed everyone with his 5 teeth smile. Aastik is now showing his interest in learning and catching things now. He knows how to do “Jai-Jai”, Bye-Bye”, ”Hello”, “Clap”, ”Dance”, ”What a Ball is”, ”Where is fan?”, ”Where is his head?”. My baby also loves to dance on the train’s voice when it passes behind our balcony.

I never saw a 1 year old baby trying to fall from a walker or jumping with walker. Now, I see him doing so in his walker, I used to be carefree setting him in his walker earlier but now, it is the most risky thing I do, as he bends completely down to pick things and is on the verge of falling from the walker many times. In anger, when I don’t listen to him, he holds his walker and bangs it by jumping with it.

Just 3 days before his 1st birthday, my baby celebrated his last 1st festival, i.e., Christmas. I made him wear a red and white dress that I bought especially for him for Christmas.

I have so much to share and pen down about Aastik’s 12th month, so, I’ll be writing Part 3 this time…

Friday, December 14, 2012

Aastik in 12th Month: Part I (28th November 2011 - 28th December 2012)

My little baby has finally entered in his birthday month for the 1st time. He loves kissing and loving himself in the mirror these days, as if congratulating on soon to be turning one. I must admit that Aastik has very sharp eyes that he picks even the smallest particle from the floor and tries to gulp in mouth.

Walking fast around the bed has become Aastik’s all time favorite hobby these days. Thank God! With this he is also giving me a clue that Mumma I am gonna walk without support very soon and you will have to catch me and run after me.

My shona baby loves eating Maggi and all the spicy food that his mother loves to eat. The best blunder or I must say milestone for the 12th month is that Aastik has learnt to get down from bed these days on his own. His nani gave him instructions on how to get down from bed when he was at his Nani’s house last week and he picked it up so quickly. Now, I can leave him alone in room on floor for 1-2 minutes, so in a way he has eased me a bit.

Aastik is also doing a very funny thing these days and that is he makes Chinese eyes and smiles sweetly when he is happy. He made his dadi wondered one day by going out to balcony walking in walker and coming in from drawing room and then again going out from dadi’s room. He laughed a lot on this round a round game in his walker.

I have also taught him to give and take things on instructions and many times he does so. He has started catching instructions on repeated orders now. He tells where is his head and where is the fan by or by touching the head or by seeing at the ceiling. He also loves playing with ball with his cousin sisters and of course me.

The worst thing in his 12th month is that Aastik wakes up at least 4 times in the night due to hunger, as he doesn’t eat much these days. His 4th tooth is also coming and may be due to dentation, he is doing so. He sweats a lot while sleeping and drinking milk and doctor says it is normal.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Aastik in 11th Month: Part II (28th October 2011 - 28th November 2012)

My baby claps when he is happy but the sad thing is that he doesn’t claps when we tell him to clap, this shows, he will have his own will!!! He also shows me where is fan by looking up towards the ceiling when I ask him, “Aastik where is fan?”

In the latter part of his 11th month, Aastik made a stay visit to his Nani house with Mumma of course. The 1st four days were terrible, as he didn’t leave me for a second, not even for bathing. At the end of 4th day, he started to mix up with his favorite Mamu and everyone out there.

Like always, Aastik is getting naughtier, at his Nani’s house he started getting down from the bed too. Moreover, his Nani taught him how to get down from bed. My God!!! He doesn’t know how to walk properly and he is set to get down from bed!

Aastik is showing signs of walking in a few days, as he tries to stand without support for few seconds. In the company of his Kinju didi, he has started shouting and showing anger. None can snatch anything from him, such is his power. He loves dancing too especially when a loud song is on.