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Friday, November 16, 2012

Aastik in 11th Month: Part I (28th October 2011 - 28th November 2012)

As my little baby is approaching his 1st birthday, he is getting naughtier. He simply loves throwing things on floor again and again. Usually, boys are mumma’s boys but my baby is papa’s boy, as the moment he sees his papa, he cries to cling to him.

Aastik has finally learned to clap after so many days of efforts. He loves dancing too and recently danced on the DJ floor for the 1st time in a wedding. My cutie pie is suffering from cold and cough due to change of weather and also bit irritated due to dentation of his upper jaw teeth.

This month Aastik got vaccinated for Measles. In the 11th month, Aastik celebrated his 1st Diwali with family and I was afraid to see his crying hearing the cracker noises but by braved it all happily. In fact, he loved watching the sparkling phuljaris and chakris.