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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aastik in 4th Month: Part I (28th Mar 2011 - 28th Apr 2012)

As soon as, Aastik turned 3 months old, I saw a new change in him. He is now eager to sit and feels bored lying down all the time on the bed or in his cot. He enjoys when I make him sit in my lap.

My little prince has made me pack his carry cot, as he slips out of him or cries in it. He loves strolling in his stroller now! The bond between my baby and me is growing more, as now he recognizes my voice too and turns his neck from where I talk to him. This in fact, makes his Papa jealous that he is a Mumma’s boy and loves me more than him.

Finally, after getting bored of sleeping on his back, Aastik has now decided to lie on his tummy. It just takes him a second to come on his tummy and have a peep a-boo of the room. I must say, my baby is very intelligent, as he knows Mumma doesn’t lets him lick his thumb when he lies straight, so he turns on his tummy and licks the thumb hiding from me! But Mumma is Mumma and he is caught doing so!

This month, Aastik has increased volume when he shouts and most of the time he shouts when he doesn’t sees me around, so I have told his Papa to bring some face masks for me so that I can hide from him and he doesn’t gets the habit of seeing my face all the time!

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