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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aastik in 4th Month: Part II (28th Mar 2011 - 28th Apr 2012)

Aastik made two short visits to his Nanu house this month and in the 1st visit, he cried seeing his Nani dear! Nani was upset that he has forgotten her! But the poor chap made for it in his second visit by laughing and giggling the most seeing his Nani. His Mamu showed his mastery in making babies laugh by making funny faces. In these short visits I realized that my son gets a V.V.I.P treatment at his Nani’s house that I used to get when he was not born.

Aastik got vaccinated (DPT 2nd Dose, HIV 3rd Dose) again this month and my little baby got fever this time. The best thing was that in spite of being in fever, he was playing and showed no sign of fever.

My baby enjoys sleeping on his tummy all the time and at night he kicks me to make space for him to turn on his tummy. God when he was inside, he used to kick me hard and now when he is outside I am bearing his kicks again!

Aastik is turning four in a couple of days but he gets frightened very soon seeing someone jump, hearing some loud noise or toy’s noise makes him shout with fear. This month he attended his first wedding function too and loved it but the D.J. music frightened him!

He also has a tendency to hold something in his hand these days may be because of fear! Whatever, comes in his approach, be it a hanky, my hand, his hand, bed sheet or anything, it goes straight it his mouth and he starts sucking it.

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