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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aastik in 2nd Month: Part II (28th Jan 2011 - 28th Feb 2012)

Finally, me and Aastik are back from his Nanu house and before going to home, we(he, his Papa and me) with his Nanu and Nani went to Jhandewalan Mandir to take blessings for him.

Aastik simply loves being without a nappy. After getting three vaccinations (BCG, OPV, HepB) in the 1st month, my baby got his next set of vaccinations (DPT, HepB 2nd dose) in his 2nd month. Apart from this, I also got him OPV this month. Though, the doctor warned us that he might get fever or cry but my strong baby was well after the vaccination.

My poor baby is coughing and sneezing a bit this month, but I m giving him the medicine s told to me by the doctor. He also has some pimples sort of thing on his face that makes him look red t face. Thankfully, the treatment given to him by the doctor has treated his face pimples to a great extent.

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